blue spruce pine tree
The oldest Blue Spruce Farm in the US.
Family owned and operated since 1958.
Generations of Customer Service and Quality!

The Double S Ranch is the home of the country’s finest Colorado Blue Spruce.  The beautiful, mature trees we offer are rich in the traditional color, tall and heavy whirled. Double S is an icon in the industry serving clients large and small. Nurseries, Home owners, landscapers and developers have all enhanced their inventory and projects with our premier Blue spruce. Next time you drive by the famous Vail golf course, notice the majestic spruce. They were grown right here in our fields.

Nothing makes a more elegant statement as a mature Colorado Blue Spruce grown at the Double S Ranch.

At the Double S Ranch our expertise is in high country grown, well shaped spruce trees ranging between 6 – 16 feet. We have optimal growing conditions as the ranch sits at 7100 feet with just the correct amount of mountain creek water for irrigating and slightly sandy, volcanic rich soil. The trees are tended meticulously with techniques that have been developed over 5 generations. No other grower can compare to the consistent quality that has been the norm here for over half a century !
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